Buy low, sell high. Trade sports.

Tradesports is a sports betting experience like no other. It’s where traders buy and sell shares on real-world sporting events in real time. It’s where sports fans set market prices based on their own opinion and change their position as the game unfolds – right up to the final whistle. If you’ve ever wanted to apply your trading mentality to live sports, you’ve come to the right place.

Tradesports is made for traders who love sports, and sports fans who love trading. We believe in open markets. We believe that sports fans know their teams better than bookies. We believe that the future of sports betting is sports trading.

We pioneered interactive peer-to-peer sports trading nearly two decades ago with a unique exchange that allowed you to trade sporting events the same way you trade financial markets. We reintroduced Tradesports to fans across the country during our beta testing tournament this winter, and we’re currently preparing to launch our real money platform later this year.

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